Marilyn Carino’s new solo record is out tomorrow!!

April 14, 2015

Marilyn’s second solo album “Leaves, Sadness, Science” is almost here and Mudville couldn’t be happier. There are downloads to download, videos to watch, things to read. Now go! “Leaves, Sadness, Science” out April 14th! Pre-order downloads on iTunes HERE  or order your signed CD HERE Magnet Magazine premiered Marilyn and Mike Mills’ co-written track “War and […]

“Someone Else” is here!

March 31, 2015

We’re so excited to announce that our new track is out today via Ropeadope Records. It’s the end titles track for our friend Nelson Kim’s film Someone Else and we want you all to hear it. It’s available now from iTunes as well as our bandcamp store. Enjoy!

Our new single, “Someone Else”

March 23, 2015

will be out on March 31st (very soon!) from Ropeadope Records! We’ll keep you posted. Watch the trailer for the film Someone Else for a sneak preview.

Mudville heads to Miami

March 13, 2015

Tonight is the world premiere of Someone Else, a film directed by Nelson Kim which features three Mudville tracks, and a score by our very own Benny Cha Cha.

  1. Wicked Mudville 4:27
  2. The Hero of the World Mudville 4:29
  3. Blown Mudville 4:19
  4. Duke Mudville 5:35
  5. Highrise Mudville 4:33
  6. Surfer Girls Mudville 5:26
  7. Spirits in the Material World Mudville 4:59
  8. Sunshine Is on Me Mudville 4:44
  9. Private Plane Mudville 4:34
  10. Stoned Mudville 4:05
  11. Eternity Mudville 4:59
  12. Lotus Mudville 4:29
  13. Nothing Gets You Going (Live) Mudville 5:24