Mudville heads to Miami

Tonight is the world premiere of Someone Else, a film directed by Nelson Kim which features three Mudville tracks, including one brand-new one and a score by our very own Benny Cha Cha. We’re very excited to be there and hear our music in a theatre. Nelson will be there as well as the film’s star, Aaron Yoo, and producers Geoff Quan and Brandon Harris. We’re about to get on planes and will report back on the usual social media outlets.

  1. Wicked Mudville 4:27
  2. The Hero of the World Mudville 4:29
  3. Blown Mudville 4:19
  4. Duke Mudville 5:35
  5. Highrise Mudville 4:33
  6. Surfer Girls Mudville 5:26
  7. Spirits in the Material World Mudville 4:59
  8. Sunshine Is on Me Mudville 4:44
  9. Private Plane Mudville 4:34
  10. Stoned Mudville 4:05
  11. Eternity Mudville 4:59
  12. Lotus Mudville 4:29
  13. Nothing Gets You Going (Live) Mudville 5:24